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What can I say, an incredible experience.

Via a few little bits of magic I headed North to Paintshield today where the second UK McLaren P1 was have paint protection film applied.

The car was sat majestically alongside a Maserati MC Stradale and a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, as of course we're coming to get used to, it just looks so small and low compared to 'normal' cars.

I enjoyed spending time taking in the detail and incredible design of the car. It's actually the 7th I've now seen but each time I seem to be a little more mesmerised by it!

It interested me how much the Volcano Orange changes colour out in natural light:

So what was left; well firstly a huge thanks to the owner who accepted my request for a quick run around the block in the passenger seat. The car was still incredibly new to him so there was a lot of learning to be done, but in a nut shell some of the things we discussed:

- car is completely run-in on delivery; not just the engine but also brakes, gearbox etc

- e-mode is very strange, obviously goes silent except for road noise, engine kicks back in with immediate awesome response

- DRS and IPAS are interesting prospects

- car sits incredibly flat around corners

- it accelerates like you can't imagine

- noise in the cabin is awesome, all the turbo whooshes and flutters coming from behind you

- seats hug you very tightly

- displays and controls very well thought out
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