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Thanks Jim,ive been looking with interest at your chats with Bob (the mayor),ive had many conversations with him,and we both came to the conclusion that we agree to disagree,but respect each others opinions,thing is if Ferrari gave some thing for free id be pleased for him ,but it seems the passion is getting to them and they dont like it.
I like your fair rounded approch and would like to think i have the same attitude,you seem to have them stumped,and it might just make people think a bit before judging things by their own standards,we British are a funny bunch you know:)
Keep the pictures coming
I can't understand their reasoning. Ferrari treats customers very poorly something McLaren doesn't do. Reflashing existing McLaren's for free is a good thing and demonstrates that they care about you once you own the car. How one could spin this as bad is beyond me.
Don't waste your breath, gents. The same five or six guys have been calling for McLaren to fail since day one. The fear of being wrong trumps all logic and reason.
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