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The Athletic Director at my youngest son's school sent out the following to all parents.

The basic premise behind these rules is spot on.

Ideally all posting here should follow the same philosophy.

Rules of Conduct at Sporting Events
All spectators must conduct themselves in a positive manner, reflecting sportsmanship and the educational values of interscholastic athletics.
• Adult spectators should set an example for good sportsmanship for their children to follow.
• All cheering must be positive in nature.
• Spectators should recognize and appreciate skill and performance regardless of affiliation.
• Spectators should know, understand, and respect the rules of the contest.
• Spectators must remain in designated areas for the safety and enjoyment of the game for all.
• Spectators must respect coaches, referees, athletic trainers, and opponents.
• Spectators should not criticize coaches, referees, opponents or fans by word of mouth or gestures.
• Spectators should refrain from abusive or profane language directed towards anyone connected with the game. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated.
• The following are prohibited:
o Handmade banners in poor taste
o Electronic voice enhancement
o Noisemakers at indoor events

*Failure by a spectator to comply with the above rules will result in in a warning first, followed by ejection from the area if the spectator continues to not comply with the above rules.
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