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i have contacted Mark Kavanagh at the MTC today about our concerns about the test.he kindly emailed me this response after speaking to him at some length,i have reduced it as im not the best at typing.
the car suffered a suspension failure and it was found to be between two sections of hydraulic pipe not torqued correctly and taking in air.this meant that the damping control was not optimal.the loss of roll stiffness and optimal damping therefore allowed the car to roll much more freely in braking/turn in phase causing a balance-change which was triggering a pre-mature ABS intervention.
The car used was PP18 ,This is a pre-production car and although representative of a production car was assembled in the protoype area. We understand that this problem may cause concern amongst our customers but please be assured this specific error cannot occur online with production cars as this build process is done using a digital tool that monitors torque pressures.
With just eighteen hours notice, three cars return to Rockingham later that week (including PP18) and, as witnessed by two journalists from car magazine, set the faster time reffered to at the end of their video. Infact, three laps with three cars set times of between 1:27.5 and 1:28.1. This was all timed and fed back to car magazine who were offered the GPS data for the record.
The cars used were standard cars representative of production cars with configurable corsa tires. We belive that the cars tested by the media should be as can be bought by the customer. Therefore, these cars were in no way set up for track lap times.They were simply the three remaining cars that were from our fleet.
I noticed it was implied int the video that the traction control cannot be disingaged, for the record this is not the case.
Me again,what does this tell us
1,the 12c is up to 1.3 seconds faster than a Gt2 rs around a short circuit,so what will it be on a longer one??
2,As far as im aware these are the first lap times to come from the MTC and if anyone is not sure please email me and i will forward you the original
3,Will anyone who has a 458 be prepared to contact Ferrari and get a personnal response on why their car has suddenly started beating the Gt2rs,when it has been nowhere near in the past,and how they can get their car to do the same(sorry tried not to put that in)
4,KRZYS,dont you dare give up your deposit!!!!!!!!!!
5,will car magazine put any of this in the mag tommorow
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On point 3 Andy I think I now have a clear idea what ferrari did to get that improvement. (cant reveal source sorry)
It is actually good news for 458 customers as it appears that the 458 can be retrofitted with engine parts etc from the challenge series that reduce weight substantially and improve performance. A 600-620hp 458 that weighs 1450kgs would be a really good car to buy!
I guess the 458 scud will incorporate things like titanium driveshafts, racing seats, separate bank ecus, lightweight wheels etc that can make the car substantially faster.

On no 5, car magazine indeed included it in a small section with the time that Chris did. However this has not been a good retribution to be honest as they complain around the test about the chassis reaction to different road conditions..
surely part of that would be the air in the hydraulics?
great update and post. Thanks Andy. Surely this issue will not arrise in any other tests?
Think they have learnt a lesson here,but it refreshing to hear there honesty
So this may explain the issue with the Car test. But what about the Evo test? Did they not get beaten by the 458 there as well?
sorry 997,im only interested in being quicker than the GT2rs,as i know in my own mind they are a true comparison,and facts tell me that the porsche is quicker than the 458,job done.
ps,every porsche ive owned does what it says on the tin
This appeared on ferrarichat, statement from McLaren ? :)

To all future 12C owners : Your car may have a suspension failure, causing excessive body roll in braking and turning, and ultimately leading to premature ABS intervention. However, all these symptoms will go unnoticed by you, and your closest McLaren mechanic (making it quite difficult to diagnose), ... since they went unnoticed by an expert driver on a closed track. The only thing you might notice, is that your car is slower than a Lambo convertible. Have a nice day
Anyone like to tell this guy he,s got jacksh-t,Ferrari wouldnt be able to look their customers in the eye and explain the truth,At least we have a statement,
And i know im not being lied to
Andy, Now even you've joined the angry bunch. Why is there so much venom?
yes,sorry,bad day,i will stick to ignoring them in the future,only facts from now on
p.s. in NO WAY would I want Mac to send a tuned press car to satisy my ego. If there is one thing that would separate a true enthusiast from a poseur, that would have to be it. Ironically, Ferrari knows their customer base very well in that regard.

I want exactly what is advertised on the box. If that makes me a minority, so be it. Mac is only aiming to find 1000 of us this year to make their biz plan work. A brand built on honesty isn't such a bad value proposition for the customer, now is it? And if they falter, I'll let them hear about it, too.
totally agree,Mclaren have thought very carefully about who are their target customers,i think more porsche than ferrari
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