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Perez to McLaren?

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Obviously not a highly reputable source, but I'd be pretty stoked to see Perez replace Hamilton. As much as Hamilton's skills amaze, the baggage he brings to a team is... significant. Perez on the other hand would be a VERY fast #2 to Button.
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I honestly hope there is more behind Hamilton not signing with mclaren other than end money. It's crazy money.
On a side note it would be great to see Perez in a front running car.
Nothing against sauber at all, what they achieve on ,I'm guessing a relatively small budget, is amazing.:)
Would be a good move,these agents do nothing for sport and no-one is bigger than the team imo
Totally agree, I bet the agents convinced Lewis he was worth more than mclaren were offering, obviously only to increase their slice. Greed, for lack of a better word
i hope its not just for money,ross brawn can get the job done with mercedes tech and money,but is loyalty gone for ever,i for one still believe in it,but maybe i would have been a bigger fish without it?? One thing is for sure,mclaren will be there forever,it is their lifeblood,but mainstream manufacturers can jump in and out,its a complicated buisness!!
Why not Kimi? Or is he officially confirmed for Lotus GP 2013?
I'd say Perez has proven himself a better driver than Kimi this season (and only looking at this season, not their respective bodies of work) - but Sergio has done more with less.
I wish Hamilton would just up and go already. Would LOVE to have Kimi back - but Perez is equally intriguing.

Has someone told Lotus it's time to replace Grosjean? You know - for the good of the sport!?
We have the best driver duo in the sport IMO and I think professional chemistry has something to do with it. Lewis may get cranky at times, but who doesn't? There may be better individuals out there, but I don't think our combo can be beat. I wouldn't tamper with the pilots and I'd continue to improve the cars. We could still EASILY win this whole thing (driver and team titles).

Our guys remind me a little of Lauda and Watson back in the day.
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