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Paint Bubbling on roof - 2017 570S, 2800 miles, Storm Grey paint.

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Hey all, new member and new McLaren owner. Last week I bought a used 2017 McLaren 570S from my local Mclaren dealer - didn't notice the bubbles in the paint. I have since noticed the flaw and inquired as to if they would be a warranty issue (1 year left on factory warranty), sent them images. They have replied that it's not a warranty issue and McLaren won't cover it. They said it looks like tree sap had dripped on the roof and caused the issue and I should get a car detailer to polish it out. To me it looks like there is flaw - something corrosive causing the paint to bubble from underneath the paint (similar to rust under a normal paint job, but I don't know what this could be since I believe the roof is aluminum).

I would be afraid to have a detailer try to buff this out because it is a 'convex' bubble. The buffing pad will burn through the clear coat at the raised part. Bubbles are on both sides of the dime/paperclip.

Anyone have experience with this, or know what it is?

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Some information that might be of use:-

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