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P13 vs 991 turbo

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This is how i would want the P13 project to evolve..

* Maximum of 1100-1200 kilos , dry

* Small unit of high rpm V6 or V8 ,mid engined

* Faster paddles than the 12C

* Better sound than the 12C

* Width approx 185-190 cm, Length approx 1-2 inch shorter

* A bit more aggressive design culture exterior and interior

Nevertheless reality probably is going to be a bit different :p
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P14? Do you mean the 12c spider?

I would imagine the P13 will have exactly the same chassis and gearbox as the 12C, and the same engine but with two cylinders loped off.

The question is, given that basic architecture, how do you reduce the asking price by £50,000?

Tricky one isn't it, particularly if you want to keep the weight down?

I suppose they could go for a different gearbox, but with economies of scale it makes sense to share as much with the 12c as possible.

Any car over £100,000, people still want all their toys and creature comforts. So no skimping there.

Maybe they should have done the P13 first in order to avoid these difficult decisions?

Or they could wait until after 12C mark2 comes out. But then again, they need the turnover........bloody tricky if you ask me.
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ditto that. Prototype testing at the RING sounds insane:mad:.....low 7:20s I bet;)
8 seconds faster than the 12C?

This would make the parameters for the P13 even more problematic. Impossible in fact.
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