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The main selling point IMO of the 991 competitor will be the fact it shares the same platform as the 12c,this i would suspect will then be the first CF tubbed car in the sportscar sector,so lightweight ,strengh,and safety and several years ahead of the competition.SO handeling will be far superior and power can be suited to the competitors at that time,so its a no brainer it the money is the same.Also with production set at 2500 per annum worldwide,exclusive to boot
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It would be a shame if it did share the very same platform as this would limit the scope for a smaller package which I feel this car would need. However, I don't really know what Carbotec's process is. Any additional costs making a new mould may well prove uneconomic.
I have to tell you it IS sharing the same platform,economies of scale,the next 7 models are,its whats clothing them that will make the difference!:)
You forget the tub in itself is just dimensionally big enough for two people,its how you cloth it that gives it width and length!!
P13 will be around GT3/RS n TURBO money with each gen better than the last........a lot have tried to unseat Porsche but have failed to take significant market share long term.......gonna be a tough CLIMB for McLaren will see what happens.......GTR couldn't do it long term and maybe phased out, sales have dipped with economic global woes......development of nxt gen GTR put on hold:eek:
Do you really feel they will have a problem selling 2500 CF tubbed cars with a similar price and performance to a manufacturer of 30,000,and with just as good a record in racing?????????????????????:rolleyes:,Yes you are right ,they are not Nissan!!
I'm afraid so, I'm gonna get probably hated for this, but manual transmissions are kind of old. I don't see anything wrong with dual-clutch.
After you have driven a 12C,you see no reason to go back apart from nostalga:)
Should McLaren product the P13 as both a coupe and spider or just as a hard top spider?
For sales,should be the coupe first and then a spider to get a second bite at the cherry,but given what others do??? They obviously don't need a Caymen scenario because of the tub,so its a sales/pr decision !! But from my chats I would think coupe,but everything has to be fluid in this climate.
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