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The main selling point IMO of the 991 competitor will be the fact it shares the same platform as the 12c,this i would suspect will then be the first CF tubbed car in the sportscar sector,so lightweight ,strengh,and safety and several years ahead of the competition.SO handeling will be far superior and power can be suited to the competitors at that time,so its a no brainer it the money is the same.Also with production set at 2500 per annum worldwide,exclusive to boot
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Probably. But I think their strategy is to develop more turbo motors, not NA. Plus the existing 3.8 was designed to be turbo, so not sure if it works optimally without them.
Shouldn't be an issue.
Does anyone have a guess as to when the next car may debut?
I have heard 2nd half 2013 launch with 1st customer cars being delivered either late 2013 or early 2014.
Aston is in a tough place. Just enough money to stay in the game, not enough to really develop the cars they need to compete. Basically the same story they have had dating back to the 50s.
Should McLaren product the P13 as both a coupe and spider or just as a hard top spider?
For sales,should be the coupe first and then a spider to get a second bite at the cherry,but given what others do??? They obviously don't need a Caymen scenario because of the tub,so its a sales/<acronym title="Google Page Ranking">pr</acronym> decision !! But from my chats I would think coupe,but everything has to be fluid in this climate.
Ferrari has done very well with the California just offering it with a folding hard top.
You make a good point, but Ferrari was looking for a new demographic while Mac is still going after the low hanging fruit. That said, the carbon tub does allow them to play the F1-link card and retain the manliness of the car....
California was very opportunistic on Ferraris part, they took a Maserati project, slapped a Ferrari badge on it, raised the price 50%, and called it a new entry level Ferrari for those that wanted a "softer" experience.

CF tub gives McLaren a huge advantage.
1 - 6 of 51 Posts
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