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The main selling point IMO of the 991 competitor will be the fact it shares the same platform as the 12c,this i would suspect will then be the first CF tubbed car in the sportscar sector,so lightweight ,strengh,and safety and several years ahead of the competition.SO handeling will be far superior and power can be suited to the competitors at that time,so its a no brainer it the money is the same.Also with production set at 2500 per annum worldwide,exclusive to boot
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Astons don't work because Bez insists on restricting their power. 570hp from 6L V12? Really? Are you even trying, Aston? The V8V chassis is so good/stiff (slightly porky) that it could easily deal with 600+Hp. Such a heartbreak. It shows in the market place.

A brand new car comes out and I'll bet it'll have $35K worth of dealer cash ("trunk money") within 6 months. It's heartbreaking, because they're gorgeous. Unfortunately, I've not met ONE Aston who's appearance wasn't writing checks its motor couldn't cash. V600 LeMans is an exception, however it usually only functions for minutes at a time, so doesn't really count.

...but I'm only using the last 15-or-so models as examples, so what do I know!?

I actually have clients who talk about the new Vanquish and the 12C being similarly priced, and therefore competitors in the market. Good thing my eye-tendons are strong, or my eyeballs would still be pointing at the top of my head.

Aston haven't got a pot to piss in, let alone development money for engines and transmissions (it's why they keep talking about the SportShift gearbox as though it was their CHOICE to remain with a single-clutch (Bez: "They're lighter"). Reality: no $ to design a DCT. IIRC, their engines don't even have VVT. I'm surprised they're not carburated, frankly.
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I love a good manual 'box. But I'm infinitely aware of how much it would change the 12C (and how much it would slow it down). Am I sad they're going away? Absolutely. But I do get it.

Whereas previously a manual 'box was the only way to go for max performance, eventually they'll be the only choice for nostalgic fun, relegated to Miatas, GTIs and the like. Eventually it'll be very hard to find any serious performance car with a stick. <snif>
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