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With my one year anniversary approaching, I've been reflecting on my Mclaren ownership experience. From initial elation... to disappointment, and subsequent building of a great customer experience.

I received my beautiful titanium silver 12C in January of 2012. My elation was absolute. The car was everything that I imagined. All doubts of trading my R8 disappeared in an instant.

I drove the car for about a month and decided to take it to the track once it was broken in. The 12C preformed flawlessly... for the first few laps. Then it went limp. Warning lights went off. My day was done. I crawled home in my broken car.

Park Place, in Dallas, picked-up the car within a day. The car was at the dealer for about ten days, during which I was being constantly updated on the situation. It was like having a family member in the ICU. They were having difficulty solving the problem.

I received a call from the manager who apologized profusely and offered to "exchange" my car for one that had just arrived. They would continue working on the car, but he did not want me to go without a car. I traded my car for the new one... Even swap, even-though the replacement car was better equipped and more expensive. I greatly appreciated this gesture since the cars were selling at MSRP, with a waiting list. He also offered to order another car to my specs for my ultimate car, or to keep my newly traded car.

The second 12C was graphite gray. Stunning!! I preferred it to the titanium silver. It was very stealthy and looked mean! I ordered a new car, combining the best of both cars. It was like a 4 month test drive! The dealer was very helpful and expedited my order.

My third (and final) 12C arrived in August of 2012. My perfectly specced car. Truly amazing and the exact car that I wanted. It took me three cars, but finally got it right! I'm thankful the first one broke down.

I've put about 3,000 miles on it with several track days in between. It's been bulletproof! No issues. Hasn't been to the dealer once. I've experienced the evolution of the 12C over the last year, and it's a beautiful thing. Each car better than the last. And, amazingly, with the retrofitting of updates all cars are the same. Sounds like an oxymoron. This sets Mclaren apart from others... No car left behind!

In addition, Mclaren invited my wife and I to the "Pure Mclaren" program held a Woking and Goodwood. This was a "once in a lifetime" experience that I would highly recommend. Mclaren waived the cost of the program to compensate for my troubles with their car.

I've been very impressed with the 12C, Mclaren and Park Place in Dallas. They have truly gone above and beyond for customer satisfaction. The true measure of customer service is when things go wrong, and they did a stellar job.

Mclaren, no doubt, have had their growing pains. Did they rush an unfinished car to the market? Maybe. Could they have used more focus groups to fine tune the car, rather than using the early adopters as guinea pigs? Perhaps. But there is no doubt they've created a great car and a great company.

I only wish that I didn't have to press the start button 3-4 times before it starts!:rolleyes:
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