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One of the first cars in the UAE.

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My car was delivered in mid January and has now covered almost 5000 km.

Graphite grey, black and red leather/alcantara interior, lightweight wheels, carbon splitter and diffuser, inconel exhaust and the infamous IRIS system (which was not discounted and doesn't work).

I love the car but am finding some of the teething troubles difficult to live with. I'll post more on these issues separately.


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Welcome Jerry,i guess your not having any problems with the heating system??:D.Interested to hear if your niggles are any different from the norm:)
Thanks Andy. Definitely no problems with the heating system :) and the air con does seem more than capable at the moment. However, another 10+ deg C to go before we hit the peak summer temperatures, so expect an update on this mid August.

I've not read every single post on this site so far but have seen some of my niggles quoted:
- Had the "passenger seat belt not fastened" warning message from the date of delivery. All four seat sensors have been replaced and that appears to have fixed it.
- The long high pitched tone when locking the car seems to be due to the engine covered not being closed correctly. It often appears closed but an additional shove above one of the fasteners and it clicks shut and the tone goes away.
- The IRIS system doesn't work and the radio reception is shocking.

One issue which I've not seen posted is that which I had with the car horn which only worked intermitently (resulting in a new steering wheel) and then not at all (resulting in both the low and high tone horns being replaced). If any of you have experienced driving in Dubai then you'll agree that a working horn is vital to an accident free day!

My biggest current gripe is the sub-standard quality/fitting of most of the plastic and rubber seals around the doors and windows on the car .... but this is one that I will post about later as the car is back with McLaren tomorrow for a week whilst I'm out of town and it's probably fair to give them the chance to put things right before I put the boot in.
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