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Has anyone else seen this video? One of the few times the Mac beat out the 458 in the press. Kind of impressed with car and driver.

Digging Michael Austin...

Here's the full review to the first video. This was a 2011 review.

Some choice quotes:

So where does the Ferrari come up short? Certainly not in ride, which is another shining example of what magnetorheological shocks have done for chassis sophistication. Our main complaint with the Ferrari is that, despite being only 1.1 inches wider than the McLaren, it feels like it’s spilling over both sides of the road. Part of this is the driving position—being seated at the outer edge of the car only heightens the sensation of breadth. Whatever the reason, the 458 feels ungainly on tight roads and anywhere there’s the possibility of oncoming traffic...But if the Ferrari lacks for anything, it’s civility.
By most indications, however, McLaren has elevated the supercar. The MP4-12C offers a range of capability not seen before. It’s the sort of car that can be driven across the country and straight onto the track, with no compromise on either end of that spectrum. For now, it’s as close as you can get to eternal automotive bliss
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