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Old article - 2009

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I thought this was a good read.

Some interesting numbers over supply and demand.

I wonder what the new number are after 2007(UK).
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2009!!! i couldnt believe what good value i was going to get.A car in the ultimate sector,its a shame that it is not seen by many as that,a few little problems and thats what people latch on too.Thankfully for me as im keeping it,it still is the ultimate ,regardless of what the journos want to nit-pick about.:p
The press will change their opinion for the better if they are presented with a storming 2013 spec car that is complete with Iris, decent stereo and annihilates the performance of the competition thanks to the extra power and responsiveness. If I were McLaren I'd make sure it's a very generous 'Ferrari press car' +25PS, as the 12C needs to be recognised as significantly quicker than any incumbent supercar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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