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NorCal 12C Drive - any interest?

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I'd post in the regional forum, but it seems no one ever goes into those.

A couple of us have gone for a drive a few months back, and it was a lot of fun, but at the time there weren't too many delivered cars. But now there are plenty of us! Any other Bay Area 12C owners interested in joining an impromptu 12C rally, shoot me a PM with your email and I'll put something together.

Below is a pic from this past saturday's FOG Rally Media event in San Francisco. 50 Ferraris and my Mac. Guess which got the most attention? Like TexasMongrel - I was surprised by just how many people completely ignored the 458s there and flocked around the 12C. Such a fun event though - lots of great people, and charity for a good cause (Blue Planet Network).


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Absolutely, but mine won't be here for another month-ish :(
looking like August for me now. Would love to join for a drive.
Beginning? End? 2013? lol... I'd suggest middle of August, but that's Pebble - and we'll be busy ogling the Spider. And the Agera R. And whatever insanity Ferrari brings along.
Mine is looking like last week of July / First week of August. I don't have a firm delivery date yet.
Let me know when you decide on a date. My availability varies.
We're looking at the 29th of July.
will be happy to go for a drive regardless but if the 12c is not here, will just have to bring the F430 :) Would be fun caravaning down to Monterey together though!
I am available for 7/29 and also plan to drive the 12C to Pebble early morning on Sunday 8/19.
I'll be at Pebble the whole wkd as well. I'll be the one wearing the bib next to the Agera R.
Welp, according to tracking, mine won't get to Baltimore until the 21st now. I'll just have to join in whenever the next one is after this. :(
I get back into town that morning, maybe I can meet up with you guys. I'm definitely up for another drive.
definitely up for a drive
I don't have a MP4-12C, but I'd love to stand on a street you guys roll through and shoot a couple hundred pics :)
I may be available, but will need details as to time, place etc.
Email sent - anyone else, PM your email address and I'll add you to the thread.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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