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noise problem

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hello guys
did some of you already experienced this problem :

on the track, when temp are high, from the 4th or 5th laps and ambient temp around 25-30 degrees.

we hear several times a "clack" sound , nothing affect the performance of the car, it feels like a transmission issue, i don't know

2 times to the dealer without result, the more the car is hot, the more you hear this noise

it is not reassuring, it may be a big gearbox breakdown later ... (if on the track...):(
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gallardo, can you record it?
The engine sounds great but you can indeed hear that tractor like noise, surely can't be cogs? as would not be transient like that, but indeed very noticeable. Will be very interested to hear the outcome of this.
one coilvoer changed without result
Certainly seems like suspension based on timing in the video. Could be a mounting point or even engine mounts?
yes it's possible , i 'll take another service appointment next week to find the solution
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