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We are thrilled to announce, yet another EXCLUSIVE partnership for the McLaren brand, Kelford Cams

Introducing our “ABSOLUTE – CNC RACE CYLINDER HEADS”. Supports over 1800+ hp (w/ Stage 2 cam). Featuring precision milled CNC Intake and Exhaust ports, Ferrea SuperAlloy Intake and Exhaust Valves, PAC springs, titanium spring locators and retainers, bronze valve guides, oil seals, valve locks, hardened lash caps, DLC-coated finger followers, ARP hardware and two billet cam options.


  • Cylinder Heads are fully assembled in-house and available to be shipped, complete, to any shop worldwide for install
  • Supports over 1800+ hp (w/ Stage II cam)
  • Capable of increased redline up to 9,250 rpms
  • Solid billet high lift camshaft options from forged tool-steel
  • Lightweight camshafts weigh 1 lb less than OEM camshafts (14mm gun drilling)
  • Bespoke camshaft serial assigned and recorded
  • CNC milled intake and exhaust ports for higher flow
  • Ferrera valves, PAC springs, titanium spring seat/retainer
  • Completely revised valvetrain to allow for higher rpm+boost without valve float, 40 psi+
  • Laser etched camshafts
  • Engraved cylinder heads for easy identification
  • DLC coated finger followers for better wear resistance
  • ARP hardware for cam caps and finger-follower pack
  • Perfect compliment to our ABSOLUTE 2,000 hp built short-block
  • Financing now available for any interested parties
  • *Core exchange required (Note: McLaren MP4-12C cores are not being accepted due to insufficient internal water cooling. Inquire if you need assistance sourcing 2015+ cylinder heads)
FITMENT – Fits McLaren MP4-12C, 650S, 675LT, 540C, 570S, 570GT, 600LT, P1, 720S, Senna

**Visit our website listing here for more images, information and pricing***

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