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New MP4-12C Spider

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The cover photo on McLaren's official Facebook page :D


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Side view looks great,but im pleased i decided to stay with my coupe,anyway it rain alot in yorkshire:D
Not convinced myself, especially the rear view and the split in the room when raised (as on most days in the UK!).

Is this a functioning IRIS?

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I was told on friday that they had the first functioning Iris late last year,they are just ironing out the bugs as this will be updateable by bluetooth so it has to last them as few years.

As for the price difference its £19k on top of the new 2013 coupe price.
Just realised i cant have a spyder,i use my parcel self too much,and where would RIC put his MSO coffee machine???:D

But i must say it keeps the lines of the car very well!

52 litres of space under the tonneau with the roof up...
that's plenty of bitter ...

and you get luggage to go in there thrown in...

am sure the bepsoke luggage justifies half of the price increment over the coupe..
What happens when you have the 52 litres filled up with luggage and you want the roof down?:D
But as the luggage in the front is £4k,then you are not far off if its in the same CF,all together win/win
6th E - I agree. I am looking forward to 'real' shots that show the car more realistically.
Scottish,i think 6E was meaning the first pictures of the coupe,and was commending Mclaren for this launch:)
PS,please apologise to Syd and Bernard,i didnt get chance to say goodbye at Goodwood.
Official video on Youtube out today (didn't find the correct way to insert the video directly).
Thanks Laurent,im liking the look of it more now,pretty cool:)
Andy, I agree, it's just the additional £85K + that we will need to find to change that will be the problem :D
I suppose so,but everyone is in the same boat now,at least its not an SLS:D
I agree with Squirrel. Although in general I go for convertibles, the coupe is far prettier than the spider, although that opinion is only formed from photos. Personally, even in GT form in the GT1 races, the 12c looks sooo pretty compared to all those other clunky things going round, don't you think?
Too true Mark
They should have found a way to do two piece design......would have avoided that center roof cut line giving it a more fluid design:eek:.......missed the boat on that one. seems like an italia spider spin off. That's what probably happens when you use the same conversion company WEBASTO:rolleyes:
Should have gone the Porsche way:rolleyes:
Interesting (probably only to the Brits) that McLaren have been buying up old MCL plates for their promo cars instead of using bog standard ones?
They dont need to show a model year as they are all the same ;)
My spider was completed last week and will be her in a few weeks. I can't remember being this excited.
xmas 5 years old:D
Test drive on 5th December. :)
I hope its bone dry for you Russell,then you will realise how much grip this car gives you :)
Glad you enjoyed it Russell,thanks for the update:)
1 - 14 of 210 Posts
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