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New MP4-12C Spider

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The cover photo on McLaren's official Facebook page :D


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It gets released tomorrow!
Here's mine anyway:

Went with the new wheel in a Diamond Cut finish and good luck keeping the leather white, I know. :D

Almost identical to what I made mine, except for the black interior (for me) and body coloured front lip.

Using Rosso for the launch promo is a mistake:rolleyes:
I don't get why have not released ANY pictures of their new colour yet...
6th E - I agree. I am looking forward to 'real' shots that show the car more realistically.
Scottish,i think 6E was meaning the first pictures of the coupe,and was commending Mclaren for this launch:)
PS,please apologise to Syd and Bernard,i didnt get chance to say goodbye at Goodwood.
I just realised that I read it wrong, therefore I must disagree :p

I will try to remember to pass it on when I next speak to him :)
I just found this picture online of the yellow one :)


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If you are geeky and look them up the registration can actually give you something almost as good as a VIN - the first date of registration (which should never change, no matter the plate).
1 - 7 of 210 Posts
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