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New MP4-12C Spider

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The cover photo on McLaren's official Facebook page :D


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McLaren must have the tightest embargo in the world - not one leak, even from them yet today. :(

the spider configurator is up peloton... !
i know.. i think the configurator being available now was not meant to happen...

love my ice silver with diamond cut forged II alloys...
regret no volcano yellow...
think mercury red was always there, but yes green has gone... shame that no yellow yet... going to have to look at that before final spec..
Yes I'm glad they decided to stay with clean and elegant, was a bit worried they would go boy-racer, based on some of the competitive offerings. This design should age very well.

I'm sure they'll hack one (or 5) up for Mr. HS tho!
not sure a spider would look right with louvred front wings heh... not even sure the black roof from mso would look quite right on the spider with the smaller roof panel... i guess its cos it looks so cool on the coupe though...
Just realised i cant have a spyder,i use my parcel self too much,and where would RIC put his MSO coffee machine???:D

But i must say it keeps the lines of the car very well!

52 litres of space under the tonneau with the roof up...
that's plenty of bitter ...

and you get luggage to go in there thrown in...

am sure the bepsoke luggage justifies half of the price increment over the coupe..
Its always the same answer. Trade in possible, price to be decided at the time... I might wait as the delta will be widest for the first cars.
Anyone hearing about timing of the availability of the Volcano Yellow.... When I enquired was told couple of quarters so 2h 2013?

Looks great in that colour.... !
looks even better moving... is there a bit of a gap between the engine cover and rear deck.. ?
Thanks peloton great pics... Gives me a better impression of how it looks,,, I love it apart from the rear 3/4 which is a bit awkward.

Overall do we think it looks a bit more lamborghini ( not just the colour) with a more cockpit forward look to it?

The green fleck not obvious in the photos... I understand the reasons for it, but just wonder if that might stop me from ordering it?
peloton you're the best...
i quite like new wheels too.. bit more bling bit more spider... i got superlights which i preferred of them all, so if i do upgrade, i think i will have the new wheels...
1 - 10 of 210 Posts
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