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I've been lurking here for a while and I'm just going to chuck this in here.

Alright, I'm not sure how many of you know of Phil Bennet, he's an ex-Le Mans driver, used to hold the record at the ring in the Radical SR3, he an ex-test driver for Noble and Caparo too. These days he runs a trackday company called "The Racing Line".

This guy knows his stuff quite well and is a bit privy to the issues at McLaren.

Alright all the stuff I'm about to post is off the facebook page for his company which he runs and posts on.

I read this stuff quite a while back and all the latest tests have confirmed the issues surrounding the MP4, all this stuff is quite an eye opener, biggest load of information I've read anywhere in regards to the macca beyond simply performance figures.

His first post covering the MP4 was quite general and criticised it for the use of brake steer over a proper LSD

His Second post was quite interesting, he kind of slams McLaren for using no roll bars or an LSD, and that ultimately the handling of the MP4 will be compromised. He links it back to the Honda F1 team, which used the same hydraulics set up and it didn't work for them. He also states that it will be interesting whether the GT3 car will the same set-up as the road cars.

By the end of the month he makes another post in regards to the GT3 car vs MP4 road car.
For those who don't know, The GT3 will not run the road car hydraulics + brake steer set up, instead it will run, guess what, roll bars and an LSD.
This shows that McLaren know that their suspension system using hydraulics is flawed and rectified this problem by using the tried and tested method of roll bars and LSDs.
And for those wondering, Macca have come out and said that the hydraulic system is illegal under the current GT racing regs, however I know for a fact that is completely untrue, they could have run it if they wanted to.

The last big post he made was about rumors of engine failures, which in turn has delayed the GT3 car, the press release date for its been pushed back. Customer cars have been delayed too. Their factory does not seem to be online yet either. This one is quite relevant for those looking to buy the MP4.

If you want to read more, all the posts hes made are under the 'notes' banner.
Chris Harris comments sometimes on the other posts he makes, so he isn't he most unreliable source of information either, this guy used to work in the industry testing in the big EVO tests a few years ago.

The crash at the ring is interesting, because their chief test driver Chris Goodwin isn't you know, half bad, but after watching that fifth gear video, it is really making me think that the crash may not have been driver error, rather that the MP4 is an absolute animal on the limit. It doesn't seem to like consecutive mid-corner bumps very well.

The magazine reviews further back up that there might be issues in handling as in a straight line the MP4 is extremely fast, corners, not so much.

Anyway, sorry about the long post, turned into a bloody essay, but though I should share that as it is quite an interesting read.

tl;dr - hydraulic suspension system is brilliant, but ultimately flawed, didn't work in F1 for Honda, won't work in the real world. And screw you, read what I just wrote.


Full disclosure - I'm not a McLaren or Ferrari fan, I'm not trolling here but instead just providing another opinion. I'm more of a Porsche fan because the way I see it, its the only performance manufacturer that truly does what it says on the box. And I like Manuals. I've have in the past owned Porsche GT3s and have no intention of buying a McLaren currently. Frankly I don't find it very appealing buying the first generation of a new car, the Nissan GTR is testament to this line of thought.
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