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Have had my 12C about a month now and just wanted to file a brief report after 600 miles.

In a word, everything is just about perfect!! No wind noise, doors close perfectly and open every time, no rattles and, so far, IRIS has worked perfectly with the touch screen responding just like my iPad. The ride of this car in the #1 setting is simply amazing from a comfort point of view. It has to be experienced to be believed.

Regarding the exhaust note, I give the nod to a 458 at high rpm's, but at the low end the 12C is much more satisfying. It seems to have more energy in the low frequencies and emits a quite wonderful rumbling sound a little reminiscent of a big American V8 vs. a bit more of a "blat" sound out of the 458.

It's a black/black which makes it a bit stealth which suits me fine. After living with it awhile you understand why pictures don't do it justice. The curves are simply too complex and have to be seen in three dimensions to be appreciated. When people recognize it as something special and walk up to it they often seem almost dumbfounded. After asking what it is they usually say something like "incredible" or "amazing". At a gas station one guy got on his phone to his buddy and kept repeating "it's simply unbelievable" over and over - he seemed almost delirious.

Philadelphia McLaren is the dealer and they have been terrific. Have never worked with a better dealer.
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