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I have been looking at several different MP4 12C's in the US and hope to pull the trigger this week. I found one that has definitely peaked my interest at HGreglux in Pampano Beach FL.

If there is anybody in that area I would greatly appreciate it if someone could stop by and look it over for me. I just want someone to confirm what the dealer is saying about it and overall condition. The car looks to be in very good condition so I'm sure it will not take long. I also plan for the dealership to take it to the local Mclaren dealer for a full PPI.

I have been very impressed by the members on this forum as one of them already went and looked at one in New Port beach. THANKS MARK!!!!! This will be my first Mclaren so Im trying to make it the best experience I can.

Thanks again

Blaine Waddell
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