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I am reserving my judgement... but very inclined to cancel. I haven't even driven the car and am already disappointed.
Bingo. It's all becoming clear, now.

Remember, Harris even had to re-calibrate when he first drove the GT2 RS against the 599 GTO. He was not getting the max from the car and had to completely change his cornering style. When he did, the pace improved dramatically.

I'm quite pleased by this. It is further evidence that we may yet see some extraordinary performance from the car. Really looking forward to seeing tests on some of larger North Anerican racing circuits.

I'm not bothered by the Ferrari has more feel rah rah, if the Mac is the superior daily driver and ultimately quicker, my top two criteria are met. The 458 is simply not on my list and as such loses out in almost every other subjective category that is important to me.
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