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Fantastic news Miley!! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! I'm glad to see McLaren is finally letting some of these cars get used by enthusiasts instead of sitting around collecting dust! So very few McLaren race cars had ever been in private hands. I remember going to the Pure McLaren event in Austin last year and one owner turned up with an Emerson Fitipaldi McLaren race car and everyone absolutely LOVED IT! It was an incredible spectacle for those of us who got to see and hear it roar around the track!

Obviously I always expected they'd hold on to the most important cars in their history but every year there are two or three chassis that could be used by people like you and to get to be on track alongside them, or even watch them from the pits, is a huge honor for McLaren owners bringing their own street cars to these events. Ferrari has been doing this for years and it's been hugely successful. I'm glad to see McLaren Group shaking off some of their stuffiness of the past and allowing things like this to happen.

Enjoy it and stay safe!
1 - 1 of 167 Posts
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