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My MO MP4-12C professionally detailed

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I recently purchased a well optioned MP4-12C from a good friend of mine that was painted in what to me is an iconic color in motorsports, McLaren (Papaya) Orange. The car arrived when I was in England for the Goodwood FoS and Silverstone F1 so the excitement had truly built when I finally got home to see my new pride and joy.

After the initial awe subsided and I was able to analyze the car, I became somewhat disappointed in the quality of the paint. The lines of the car seemed dull and the color just didn't seem as vibrant as I'd hoped. Granted, my expectations were artificially high. Ron Dennis has been for me the inspiration that my friends of the same generation found in Steve Jobs. One of the reasons that led me into McLaren ownership, but I'm veering off-topic. Paint...yes, the paint.

To remedy these issues, this past weekend I had my McLaren Orange MP4-12C professionally detailed by Dust to Glory that services the central Texas area. Michael had come highly recommended by everyone that had used him previously, including some people I know as being extremely hard to impress.

After Michael @ D2G was able to personally inspect the car, it was decided it would need a full compound and polishing of the paint followed by two layers of Cquartz Finest. My particular car, with only 500 miles and a trusted previous owner purchased new from a highly respected Midwest dealer, had many defects in the clear coat. I believe this is just how many come straight from Woking.

In total, Michael spent 3 full days working on the car including 20 hours in compounding and polishing the paint. The results -- truly amazing. I'll admit that I'm a function first, looks second kind of person but seeing the car for the first time after Michael had finished was astonishing. I've fallen even more in love (lust?) with this car.

The lines and depth of shape that were hidden by the (relatively) poor paint finish are a disservice to a car of this caliber. If you haven't already done so, I'd highly suggest you consider the same level of service to your own car. Again this is coming from someone who isn't normally concerned much with the aesthetic details as long as the car performs as expected. I guess the saying holds true, clean cars always seem faster!

I didn't take many pictures of the process myself but you can view D2G's gallery here:

My MP4-12C Specs:
2012 version (April 2012 build)
McLaren Orange
Carbon Fiber Splitter, Turning Vanes, Diffuser, Engine Covers, Engine Bay Covers
Sport Exhaust with Stealth Pack
Super-Lightweight Forge Wheels – Stealth Finish
Carbon-Ceramic Brakes – McLaren Orange Calipers
Leather Sport Interior (Carbon Black/Orange, Contrast Stitching on Dash)
Carbon Fiber Interior
Electric & Heated Memory Seats (2)
Carbon Fiber Seat Backs and Sill Panels
MSO Steering Wheel
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Beautiful. You've managed to capture the 'real' colour in the pictures too.
Details like this are not cheap, but highly worth it. Had Todd Cooperider do my Scuderia coupe, night and day what he was able to correct. Then of course you need to learn how to wash and dry properly, so you keep that paint at the same level. My favorite MP4 color, looks great.
Hi Vernor,
May I ask what dealer you purchased this car from?
I didn't purchase the car from a dealer directly but the car came from your neck of the woods.
From what I've seen so far ..... the dealership, in a word ...... Stinks !! They are only seem interested in cranking out the cars they've sold. Some just use a 'glaze' (which doesn't last long, at all) to cover up the paint defects. Quite possibly the average buyer is not a true car detail fanatic, so they see a somewhat shiny object and get pie-eyed!! I'm not impressed with the way my car looked, at all !!
From my critical eye, for an absolutely brand new vehicle, it was shameful looking: swirls, smeared window glass, etc. Now that my car is in my garage and trapped for the duration of our messy winter weather .... I will have to ruminate over this nonsense until the weather breaks this spring. Then, I'm going to have my car done by a very highly recommended top notch detailer in my neck of the woods. In the old days, I would do this stuff myself ...... I'm truly not in the mood at my age. :(
BY THE WAY: What happened to Ron Dennis' pledge, and I quote: "Ground breaking levels of customer service" ?? My car was delivered to me with an uneven gap between the bodywork and the bonnet of about 1/2 an inch !! How could anyone not notice this; It was glaring!
Is anyone at McLaren headquarters paying attention ? I am seriously considering writing a letter (regarding this folly) to Mr. Dennis and Mr. Sheriff !

Rant Over, but not happy at all.
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LimeyBloke. It could be better so tell the dealer. If they do not respond then tell will be doing them a favour......and if your complaints are reasonable they will take action.

Woking have supported the warranty issues on my car, once established, and then some which were down to me...........but the dealer also plays a part and that's where you have to start imop.

It does take energy and time but at this juncture I can't fault Mclaren.
LimeyBloke. It could be better so tell the dealer. If they do not respond then tell will be doing them a favour......and if your complaints are reasonable they will take action.

Woking have supported the warranty issues on my car, once established, and then some which were down to me...........but the dealer also plays a part and that's where you have to start imop.

It does take energy and time but at this juncture I can't fault Mclaren.
I second that.. I had some problems with one dealer (not the supplying dealer to be clear) but getting no satisfaction, went to woking, problem sorted... they do care there for sure...
thirded ,if there is such a thing !! ;)
Thanks guys.:)
I'm not looking to make enemies; As this dealership still has to handle my warranty services. However, I really do not want the dealership to mess with my car's finish anymore. But, I am going to write a letter to the powers that be in Woking.
The detailer that was recommended to me, is going to come to my home to give me an estimate of what needs to be done. He only performs his work out of his own shop and does all work personally (he is highly recommended). I looked on his website and viewed another 12C that he did a while back. Guess what?? It was another brand new McLaren from my wonderful dealership;) !!!
If anyone thinks I might be too picky ... here is a link with close-up pictures of that car's finish that this detailer corrected on a 12C delivered by my dealership. Honesty, I would not accept of Ford in this condition.
See for yourselves:
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So far of all the McLarens that I have set my eyes on everything seemed exceptional, impeccable and perfect in fit and finish. As for the dealer that we have up here in Canada, I could not ask for more they stand behind the customer and product they sell. They are extremely customer oriented and on the ball when it comes to issue resolution. To put it plan and simple I could not ask for more they are the bomb. There are some extreme cases where a customer is just to hard to please "anal" and no matter what attempts are made to resolve the issues at hand satisfaction is not obtainable. Also I truly feel that you have to treat people the way you want to be treated in so doing they will go above and beyond to try and appease you. These are words that I live by and have proven to be very beneficial in all aspects of my life with cars. Cheers.....
Don't get me wrong I'm "anal" but some of us are to the extreme, from what I saw in those pictures I would not tolerate one bit. I thought I should clarify that, after reading what I wrote. Cheers...
I would not at all be surprised to learn that this particular car was The Chicago Auto Show car. The car on display there was the same color and was absolutely loaded with swirled paint marks.
I have heard great things about your Canadian dealer (Pfaff). I think that 'dealer attitudes' will vary a great deal in relation to the area that the dealer operates in. Sadly, in the U.S., customer service has (for many years) taken a terrible downslide.:( There are many operations here that think "they are doing you a favor" by selling you a vehicle.
With a 'niche manufacturer', such as McLaren, they can hold a much tighter rein on their relatively small dealer network. Specifically in light of the fact that they tout superior customer service. I don't know if their regional people are cracking the whip enough over some dealerships. IMO, If they want to be better than 'the other guys' they have to keep on top of this and not let their dealerships morph into a Ferrari-style operation:eek:.

P.S. I appreciate all the comments I've read about my original comment.:)
contanelli3 - perhaps it was... It looks good now! ;)

While I'm a long time fan and supporter of McLaren, I've recently parted ways with the car shown here. I rarely keep cars for such a short period of time but I made the decision purely based on my own desires and preferences. It is a wonderful car, the overall experience just wasn't suited to me. Pains me to say considering how much I've looked up to Ron Dennis and co for so many, many years. Tastes change so perhaps I'll come back to the flock some time in the future.

widowmaker911 - there are pictures of my orange RS 4.0 on the same detailers FB page. PM me and I'd be happy to share others with you if you like. :)
Vernor, if you don't mind me asking, what did you do with the car?
Car is now being offered from sale here:

Someone should pick it up, it's a beautiful car. Paint is fixed and I'm super anal about my cars so its been well cared for.
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