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My car has a "flat spot" during acceleration

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Seems intermittent - some time when I step on the gas at say 3000rpm, in 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear, after the initial turbo lag, I get explosive and continuous pull - other times I get an initial kick, followed by what seems like a back-off in power delivery for a fraction of a second.
Thinking that it might have been traction control intervention, I have tried it with traction control in all modes including completely off. It did not improve after the 1000km break-in period.

Anyone else notice anything similar?

(The 2012 GT-Rs had something similar that when the computer sensed something it did not like, it went into a reduced power mode for a while).
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Mine only does this when it's cold and having just started the car - and even then, only when I stomp on the throttle in 1st and 2nd. My understanding is that it's TC related to tire temps.
Like Hyper i think its somehing to do with the tyre temps,what do the techs say??:confused:
(That was per a McLaren tech)
couple of things could cause the difference.
Steering angle would be the first thing that springs to mind. Anything other than "straight ahead" will cause more TC intervention. but there are lots of variables with regard to throttle application, speed and pressure, engine/gearbox/tire temps etc etc. if you can narrow it down to a specific set of parameters and it is consistent, bring it up with Mac and they will have the answer for you
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