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Spec 570 Spider soon
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Well, now that I’ve been researching my upcoming 570 purchase for a while and have a sense of just what brakesteer torque vectoring is and does, I have an idea. You see, now that Spring has sprung, I really think my zero-turn-radius riding lawn mower could benefit from a setup like that! Don’t you all agree that the Wizards at Woking should certainly be happy to make a small request like this happen for a soon-to-be McLaren owner?

So HQ, please be on the lookout for a small crate with a return address of here in The Colonies. I’ve addressed it “c/o Nigel,” assuming that there will probably be an engineer there by that name who could sign for the delivery.

And, as long as it’s already there, maybe just splash a little Volcano Orange paint on it to give it that McLaren pop?

Final thought: maybe you could also add a ‘launch’ button for me so that I can get the yardwork done just a tiny bit sooner, giving me more time to research my upcoming Mac purchase!

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