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Hi guys, I did a MTC tour 3 weeks ago. Arranged with Wearnes (local dealer in Singapore) and they picked us up from hotel to the factory.

Factory's located 40mins away from Central London at Woking, Surrey. It's one of the most advanced and cleanest factory ever. Visited the McLaren Technology Centre (where they house historic F1 cars) before walking thru an underground passageway to the new production center.

All F1 cars including the 1st ever car built by Bruce McLaren are in working conditions. A pity that cameras were strictly prohibited as the F1 team was building their new car for the season. Got to see them up-close when the technicians were fitting fuel tanks!

Headed over to the production center where all MP4s are being produced currently. Got to walk up close and see the production process closely, from the paint to electric harness installation to interior fitting to end product. Volcano red is a very striking colour for those who are considering. Ceramic brake discs are massive 6 pots at the front and 4 pots at the back. Polished silver calipers is the same silver on F1 cars. Most common colours are Volcano Orange and Papaya Orange.

Tour was hosted by soon-to-be McLaren Asia Pac rep and their service was impeccable.

I was told by the guys that I'm one of the first few to visit the MTC since David Cameron opened it.
Thumbs up...

How can I miss all this :(

Must go and visit them regularly to make sure that I don't miss any of this.
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