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MSO at Mclaren Manchester

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The special operations car will be at manchester on thursday evening (8th)
This is the matt VO car with all the carbon extras.Also a scaled down version of the F1 simulator will be there to play with.
Anyone going??
Dont worry i wont be stalking anyone,ill be the quiet one in the corner!
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lots of interesting bits at Manchester tonight,a few different variants on the wheels look good and extra carbon options.First really long drive in bad weather,traction control worked well when i booted it in the rain and went sideways,only to realise i was in sport/sport and it wasnt rain it was sleet over the pennines.
So thought it would be prudent to press the Winter button,it didnt work???
(should have read the manual).Think again and press the active button first,all very lodgical.From then on impeccable manners.
Drove back 120 miles over the Yorkshire mountains at 2500 rpm averaging 28.1 mpg,you can work out the speed.What was most impressive was it very very windy,everything was moving about except us.That windy cars were driving carefully and the 12c was JUST PLANTED.
just to note that the difference between going there into a head wind was only 1mpg less.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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