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MP4 in action on track and side by side racing against 600+ HP cars

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Sorry for delayed report. Traveling for business :(

Mmy buddy running against other super cars in ?Korea.
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Now I really know why I won't be using the sound enhancement; it really destroys the engine note and is quite awful!
Looks like a very fun day. They do not allow any racing on track days over here, but that doesn't stop us seeing who is fastest. It looks like you were not using launch control at all; no overtaking at corners, either, I guess. I think you took it a bit easy?
Excellent post, thanks
It's a roll on race up that starts at the cone after the corner. A lot of people seem to be abusing the track by speeding up to catch up to the person on the inside line and carrying that extra speed with the roll on
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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