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Hello All!

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself to all of you!

My name is Andrew from Toronto Canada - I own a company called ExotiCARe, where I specialize in one-off custom work on Exotics, as well as designing and manufacturing unique accessories for Exotic Cars.

ExotiCARe is officially a sponsor here on McLaren Life - which seems to be a very popular community for MP4-12C owners.

I have just launched - an accessory store for MP4-12C models.

Extremely high quality accessories with form and function in mind.

Currently there are 3 products.

- A front license plate bracket for the North American Market cars
(Euro version in the next weeks)
This bracket solves McLaren dealers instruction to drill the front plates on the car

(Official photos of the License plate bracket will be available as of Monday next week)

- An Anodized aluminum Foot Rest (Dead Pedal)
(Protect the carpet and have a solid place to rest your foot)

- Very unique and high quality Alcantara customized floor mats for the car
Can fully customize colors and material options.

There are a few more items in the pipeline during the next few weeks.

Please feel free to check out the store and the galleries there.
My contact info can be found on the same page or feel free to send PM with any questions/suggestions you may have.



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Installation of dead pedal.

1. Vacuum or brush the carpet where the pedal is to be installed. (Ensure there is no dirt or debris on the carpet)

2. Test fit the pedal location.

3. Peel the backing off the pedal and gentley float the pedal in the area where the pedal will rest (centered left to right and top to bottom)

4. Firmly press, and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds.

5. Allow adhesive to set for a couple of hours before applying pressure to it.

Should you ever wish to remove the footrest. Simply pull the pedal with moderate pressure and the adhesive will release.
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