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@ Osiris_x11

Don't mean to be pedantic but I think your a little off in your praise of the LFA and it's "superior" Carbon/composite Fabrication, the loom was only used for the A-pillar the rest is the usual hand layered carbon techniques, and McLaren/Mercedes got there first, they used the same method for the nose-cone crash structure on the SLR project.
While your right about hydraulic suspension, carbon monocoque etc.. not being new the way in which McLaren makes the Monocell is new and is an incredible bit of engineering a one piece RTM carbon Tub with hollow sections that takes just 4 hours to make!

And has for the sound I personal think the Carrera GT, Ferrari 599 GTO, McLaren F1, BMW E46 M3 CSL make a better sound, but thats just opinion :)
As regards the carbon tub,have you seen the 918 tub,very similar to the 12c,but with a rollover bar incorparated into the rear and A pillars,i think its also by the same supplier,but isnt the same process as it weighs 220 kg against 80 kg,seems quite a backward step and will make the power to weight no where near the f70 and new f1,but the electical side seems very advanced.As regards the outright performance they are claiming the same stats as the 12c at £675k plus options it will not be in the same league ,but it is very striking
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