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A slightly damaged LFA available:
... but mostly because it is 10 year old technology. The 12C is a much more modern car technology-wise, IMHO...
The LFA's carbon/composite fabrication is superior to the likes of the Veyron, CC_/Agera, Zonda/Hyaura, Aventador, and even MP4-12C. The in-house loom rivals Airbus, Boeing, and Aero-Space/Defense technologies.

In principal, there's nothing "new" on the MP4-12C (hydraulic suspension, air-brake/brake-steer, pre-cog, carbon monocoque, etc. have been around for decades), but McLaren made all of these hallmarks remarkably synergistic.

I was tempted for a bit, but at twice the price of the competition, it made no sense. I asked Lexus if they would just lease the car to me, but they were very eager to sell it...
The market niche` for the LFA seems to be the 599GTB, DB-S, and other front-engine V12 ~$300k+ luxo' GT platforms, instead of the ~$200k+ (rear) mid-engine V8 realm of 458's, Gallardo's, R8's, MP4-12C's, 911 GT2's/Turbo-S's, etc.

BTW, it was understood that all LFA's were to be leased thru Lexus for 24-months, then the leaser was granted the option to outright purchase the LFA. There were no exceptions to this acquisition process. This heavy'handed approach by Lexus was to remove flippers & eliminate market-adjustment-value from the LFA purchase process.

FWIW, I really even don't care for the LFA (exterior styling is a bit, odd; performance is a bit, underwhelming; front mid-engine vs. rear mid-engine) but I believe it to be a technical Tour de Force w/ regards to fabrication/construction (incredible CF/composite prowess that'll trickle down to their more ubiquitous offerings thru economies of scale) & an unrivaled engine note (by far, the best sounding current engine short of an F1 power-plant).
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