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Afternoon all,

I am hoping a lovely MP4-12C may be able to help.
We are a technology based company, in Norfolk.
We supply many parts to the automobile industry (plus medical, aerospace etc).
Mainly low quantity high quality, specialised parts rather than mainstream.

We make parts for Bentley's, McLaren's, Lotus etc etc

We are currently in the process of having some professional filming carried out on various applications, and the Bentley and McLaren parts are something we are keen to include in the video's.

Bentley are arranging this for us, but we are struggling to get our hands on a McLaren for any filming. Supercar hire firms are messing us about, and we dont know anybody local with a MP4-12C.

So i am sure you can guess where this is going.....

Is anybody local to Norfolk/Norwich area who is willing for us to do a little filming/photography of the vehicle?

Our website is:

Our Facebook is:

This is not advertising, as we only supply to companies, not general public.
This is purely to demonstrate that we are a legitimate company.

If anybody could help, it would be very much appreciated. :D

Many Thanks,
Richard Beel.
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