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Meridian Audio Open Day

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How many MP4-12C owners are there on here from the UK now and if I can organise it how do you fancy a tour of the Meridian Audio factory in Huntingdon?

Put your name down here and I will see what I can do.

I also do F1 meets here during the season and we could have a McLaren day?

here are the options

A) If you want to see the stuff being made then it would have to be a week day.

B) Or a Sunday which could be a look round the factory (No production going on but stuff will be on the line and can get a demo of there 140k projector and 7.2 Surround system) and then road trip back to Oxford to watch an F1 race complete with food and drink.

I will also sort a couple of guys from Meridian Car/Home audio for any questions

Any suggestions on a preferred date would be good :cool:

1. Bruce..........................M100BSC (Date Dependant)
2. Andyc.........................986AFC (Ditto)
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