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McRon speaks

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Also the official McLaren video of the launch of the MPC.

Why can’t they stay on a shot for more than half a second.

I want to actually see what I am looking at and appreciate it.

Surely our attention spans are longer than this?

Rant over. I’ll get my coat.
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Hey guys I seem to get the same vid from each link and no Ron talking? Am I missing a link somewhere?
I'm sure you are freeze framing to stop the flickering's the only way to prevent a migraine.....and you see the detail
The link now opens and it's a less frenetic edit than the second video.

Enjoyed Ron's understated talk and Antony Sheriff is easy to listen to as well.

Yes , like the message we have to WORK our way out of this bull. no hand out.
Today I passed an Apple store and it was full of people at Apples Altar, all there to worship design Apple.

We are in danger of Ron worship........just as expensive as Apple but more adrenalin involved.
Ron Speak

He commented: "We never stop. We exist to go faster; to be state-of-the-art; to innovate; to perform with belief, flair and passion; to be the absolute best at what we do. And everything that McLaren is has been built on the founding principles of good design and solid, seamlessly efficient engineering and manufacturing."

I'll take one MP4-12C then, thank's Ron, I know it will be good but you better deliver and support my mo mo car!
His Chauffeur was in attendance outside the MPC on my last visit, very SAS and 'don't talk to me' attitude. S Class Merc by his side.
Relieved to hear Sheriff talk about something other than the "AND car". Was starting to think he was a robot!
Know what you mean with the mantra but don't forget they are all salesmen, Ron included.

I have met Antony Sheriff a number of times and have to say he is a breath of fresh air with his enthusiasm, determination and customer facing attitude. He also has the courage to be candid when challenged with most questions. I'm pleased he is heading up the operation.

No doubt he is under pressure and Ron is always lurking but they make a good team in my judgement.

I actually think they would benefit from a customer forum of owners and their ilk to check on the emotive strategy........but they will listen.
One would think that McRon would have a stretched long wheel base 4 seat MP4 built to ferry him around. Much better for PR.
LOL but not Ron. The Merc and driver just looks more McRon somehow.

Maybe a MP4X4 Macayenne in 2020 when they want to double sales after they realise 50% market share of the sports car market is enough!


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Can't believe Ron said you will have to wait 2 and half years if you want one ! MIGHT AS WELL HAVE SAID GO TO OUR COMPETITORS IF YOU WANT A CAR!
Pic spoilt by the other whalley in it I mean Dave to avoid confusion
Bruce, I'm beginning to realise you hold politicians in low esteem:mad::D:D
Entirely agree the good old US of A is the key. The car will be loved and demand there will be unachievable and Ron will be reduce supplies to the UK to help satisfy it. He will then buy Pistonheads from Haymarket ban all the numpties who have made brainless comments or own a Ferrari and invite Andy Roundcircles and I to join the Board :cool:
Does this mean I will have to resign my Directorship of Mclaren Holdings?

I am buying one share at £200k or there abouts, only dividend is fun!
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