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I have a 675lt with 28,000 miles and all services up to date.I’m sure I have forgotten some detail or left it out as this is a long post.
I believe my challenges with the 675lt started last December when I was tempted to start the
mclaren in the midst of winter and cool temperatures after several months of hibernation(Perhaps the problem was long before this based on parts analysis most recently).
When I tried to start the car it was difficult and after one failed attempt it cranked up but with a faint hint of electricity in the air(like something was burning). The Mac started but was rough. I chalked it up to cold start on a cold day. But not normal.
Fast forward to May. Started the car(again a couple months of non use). The start was rough at first then all good. I noticed at this time that, even using the car regularly, it started slowly and weak. The Mclaren was ready for its annual service so I did that and the it passed all cursory inspections with all fluids and filters looking good. Since it was starting “normally “ and no faults exhibited I collected the car and drive home.

This is where I will interject and this is where I should have listens to what the car was telling me. I let the emotion of driving over ride caution.

So I drove 200 miles for an overnight trip. Again, each time starting was weak but it started. I did start the car three times on this trip. After breakfast I went to start the car and……..nada.
I had an oh shit moment. Here I am in a small town with no services and 200 miles from home. First I thought it was a code, a loose terminal to the battery, needed to clear something, reset something.
I disconnected the battery. No improvement. I posted here for some too, some advise, some assistance to get me going.
After many hours, and failed attempts to start, I waited for a tow.
I eventually got home with the car enclosed in a trailer and that is where it sat until now.
Through this I was in communication with Sean at McMedics. My choices are pretty limited: have it towed to the dealer(2.5 hours), my trusted independent shop(1 hour), or have McMedics fly in. I chose the latter.

So, how do you diagnose what’s going on with my limited knowledge and experience? I gave my symptoms and my thoughts and Sean and Kevin set a plan of action.
I purchased a starter with the plan that Sean would replace it, do a clutch and transmission fluid change.
Sean came with all the tools he would need(I have no tools with exception of a four post lift). He ordered some fluids ahead of time to have them ready. He was ready for an overnight procedure. Sean did all the cursory checks to make sure it was set to replace the starter. With removal of panels and stuff that’s in the way, the starter was out. And that’s when Sean had his oh shit moment. Clearly the drive line damper was where the problem was. This was not what he was prepared for. At this point, we were both disappointed.
Plan “b” was now playing itself out.
Immediately Sean was on the phone with Kevin. (Who was doing a dld in Nebraska) I was a limited time budget as I would be going away for a couple of weeks. And to add to the time budget, McMedics we’re going to Austin, and after to Los Angeles. In between this was an opportunity but sourcing a damper in time from anywhere was the next big challenge. Every dealership in North America was contacted and nothing was available. No parts available, it does not matter where I took it to or who was flying in, nothing can be fixed. After some tense days, a part was sourced in Europe. Ordered on Monday arrived on Wednesday. Both Sean and Kevin flew in on Wednesday direct from Austin. This was the plan. Both rearranged their schedule to fit this in.
Removal and replacing the dld is a 30 hour job. I have zero tools. Yet, both Sean and keven came prepared to do this major job bring what the could. Simply amazing and daunting to say the least.
They arrived after five days of knee deep mclaren assistance in Austin and got right to it.
Removal of bolts, body panels, part after part came off the car. Each step the highest caution was used to insure the quality of the car would be intact. Luckily an oreilys was a mile a way(one moment four consecutive trips in an hour was done because some parts on the 675 are not consecutive to other models). They worked tirelessly until the dld was out and new one put in. The dampener has springs that should be right within their casing. Every spring was either broken or extremely loose. This causes random misfires on the 5,6,7,8 cylinders (but go away after cold start).
Parts were changed, fluids and filters done.
This was not an easy operation.
Consider having to bring all your own tools to do a transmission out.
An annoying owner who was constantly hanging around asking dumb questions. Both Sean and Kevin had their challenges.
They both rose to the challenge and like true professionals made it look easy. It was anything but.
From May until September I was questioning whether I was doing the right thing.
Do I send the car to Mclaren in Chicago? They would have to diagnose the problem, source the parts, and deliver the car back. Oh, and charge me book rate for the job.
Do I send my car to the independent shop? Same as above.
The what if’s with McMedics:
What if they can’t fix it
What if it’s misdiagnosed
What if they break something
What if the part is not right
What if they need something they don’t have
What if, what if, what if
I some point you have to trust
Hopefully based on my experience and this long Review, you can understand the level that both these guys bring to the Mclaren world.
It’s not about fluid changes or easy fixes, these guys can do a major overhaul, do it well, and under the biggest challenges. I cannot say this enough, Both Kevin and Sean busted their ass to make sure the car was done right, on time, with care, and to my satisfaction.
@ima2nr (McMedics)
@EMF Audio (McMedics)

thank you McMedics

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100%!!! I had a headlight issue with my 12C (dealer erroneously thought that dealer fixed -- was not fixed). My car is under warranty, but was actually cheaper to fly in one of the McMedics and truly fix the headlight -- and put me soft-close doors at the same time! Cheaper than going to the dealer 5 hrs away! Next yr., will be no longer able to buy a dealer warranty, so it'll be McMedics from then on for maintenance of my 12C!
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This was quite the chore, the biggest undertaking in the least equipped location, but we got it done on schedule and without any hiccups.

@Topcarbon was a great customer as all of ours have been, and now dare I say it, a friend. I'm greatful for the detailed experience being shared, not just the work done but how we got there.
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