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McMedics are back in SoCal April 14-24 2023

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McMedics will be back in SoCal for another round of maintenance, upgrades, repairs, or inspections. April 14-24 are the dates, shoot me a message to nail down your spot or find out what you might need done if you aren't sure. Here's a list of some things we can do.

HVAC display replacement in 12C and 650s
Clean mold and reseal 12C headlights
Soft close latches
Engine air filters
Cabin air filters
Coolant flush
Oil change
Windshield wiper replacement
Keyfob battery replacement
Fluid inspection and top-off
General car health inspection
ECU recalibration (tune)
Exhaust installation
Suspension accumulators
Reset service internals
Brake fluid exchange
Airbrake resync
Seat memory and easy access functionality restore
Headlight adjustment
and more....
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts