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Hi everyone,
Im new here. I have a question regarding depreciation of the mp4.
I currently have a 2012 gt-r premium.Love the car, but dont feel its a true exotic.
I LOVE the active rear spoiler on the mclaren mp4, especially when you stop quickly.
I would love to pickup a used MP4 for around $210k-$230k. I was wondering, if I picked one up for that, how much would it depreciate in 2-3 years? Would I be able to sell it for at least $150k or so if it was driven maybe 2k-4k each year.

Also, i have a standard 8ft high garage. Will the door hit the garage door? How wide are the doors if both are open? I have a 3 car garage so can always park int he middle garage.

Is it better to buy new or used with afew hundred miles? I see afew on ebay for $230k+

There is an option to raise the mp4. What do most of you choose? raised or lowered.

Thanks again. Im gonna try to get up to philly to take a look. Who should I ask for that is down to earth and not pushy.
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