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McLaren MP4-12C a LEMON

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Jalopnik article titled 'Is the McLaren MP4-12C a lemon' McLemon?:eek: say it ain't so! pretty harsh news heading. any recent owners in this forum experience similar problems cited by the article?:confused: TIA for reply
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This is really interesting the journo as we say in the UK is a P-ll no I cannot finish the phrase on an open forum:rolleyes:
Fact is very few of us are fortunate enough to own one yet! These cars are true amazing the best ,no the very best super car available ( ok I cannot afford a Veyron) !

Are there issues - yes all electronic software stuff that can and will be rectified in a short while and the attention I have received from both dealer and manufacturer as a result has been mindblowingly good:eek:

I believe some of these issues could have been a voided by getting owners to test these cars not jounos for example my dear wife pointed out today en route to a family gathering that there was no internal mirror to do her lippy:confused: Just goes to show she says women have not been involved in the testing program -OMG:D

A light heated post but a Lemon no way !!could only be the I'll informed sensational opinion of someone who has not driven this epic car or experienced Mclaren customer response:cool:
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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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