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Mclaren Lease terms

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Leasing on the Artura has a residual of 77% for 24mo and 71% for 36mo. That is pretty amazing. I don't have money factor details yet but if anyone knows please let
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36 month lease is $2100 depreciation a month on a $260k car. That's really attractive
Speaking as someone who usually buys nearly new cars that are still under warranty, I agree!
I have a 2022 GT on a 24 month lease from Nov 21 and the MF was in the low 2's with similar residuals.I think they have raised it bc of the rising interest rates but it guess they could have marked it up.

Hopefully somebody can verify the MF.
Doesn't the MF vary anyway, depending on the customer's credit profile?
I know the MF he quoted me on the Artura was for excellent credit.
Low 2s would probably be about right in the current interest rate environment. A year ago, I got a 2.7% APR on my loan, but that was to buy, not lease. I'm guessing if I was doing that deal today I might be paying around 5%. I wish there was a way to up that same loan to get into an Artura!
is that MRM 272 based off of just Artura, or all Mac's in general?
MRM is the maximum value, including options, for calculating the residual?
Yes the residual on the car is based on a maximum MSRP of 272k. Any options added above that are not residualized and you are paying the full cost of the options over the term of the lease. You basically take that amount divide by the lease term and add it to the payment (plus the interest of course).

It’s not easy keeping the car around 272k My build has zero carbon fiber, base seats etc.
What price are you at with a basic spec? The only things I'd really need are the club sport seats and the stereo.
a stripper spec with the club seats is about $238k. But decent wheels and the basic electronics package are each about $5k, and it’s pretty easy to get to $270k. Are you really going to skimp on the sport exhaust ? A nice paint ? The backup camera ?
The exhaust I actively don't want. I will want the track pack.
there isn't a track pack per se, but the club seats, harness, and bar all together are ~$10K
Does that include the telemetry and cameras?
No those are another ~$3K. I don't THINK you need the technology pack (eg the 360 cameras) in order to spec the telemetry (and track cameras), but I'm not 100% sure. If you do, that would be another ~$7K.
Where are you getting the prices from? I couldn't see any when I did the configurator.
Did you not get a price list from your SA?
If I had, would I be asking??
Aha! Might have known you'd have a useful answer up your sleeve!
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If I was gonna spec one it would be almost $317k…
Lol. I'm betting you'd settle for one at $237k though!
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Ha! I can’t even swing a $120k used 12C so does it matter?
I think with the options I want, it's probably going to be a tad rich for me, too. I just really love the car I have now.
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I’m waiting for your test drive to convince you to sell your soul :devilish: 😁
I'm more likely to return from this trip wanting a P1 GTR....
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I’m waiting for your test drive to convince you to sell your soul :devilish: 😁
To add insult to injury, the personalized itinerary for Silverstone starts with a full page picture of an Artura on track.... :mad:
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270 gets you to a pretty good place, even with the track options. It’s just really hard to do less than 250
At the original list of $225k, I might have been tempted even with a couple of options. Once we're up to $270, that's getting close to twice the current value of the car I have now, which is difficult to justify to the financial side of my brain.
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There seem to be folks whose leases are up or have had a 720 for a while and just want something new. The interior and electronics are A LOT better. If you were in a 720 and thought "hmm a McLaren GT might be better for the driving I'm actually doing" then the Artura is pretty fantastic. If you're in a 720 and think "wish I got the LT", then, no, it's not.
You're also saving $5k a year on a warranty. Any 720 at that price point is out of warranty.
I fibbed to you. There IS a track-pack camera option. It's for three cameras. Unsure, as someone earlier said, whether you need the tech pack.

McLaren Track Telemetry - Laptime Function & Three Cameras$2,850
I saw that. Not sure what the three trim levels already include.
If it was the UK it could not have. We have to pay 20% V.A.T. (Value Added Tax.) Then a special new car Tax of 10%. Once it's got License Plates, it old & once sold, so becomes a second hand car.
We say over here(translated)When the tires touch the blacktop you've lost 30% already. That is unless there is a waiting list, like the TESLA smokeless ROADSTER!
There's tax here too, they just ignore it. US prices are always quoted net of tax. Used prices are effectively controlled by the dealers through the auction monopoly.
but now factor in the depreciation curve and once again a low mileage pre-owned 720 becomes an attractive option vs. a nicely optioned Artura. The new 5 year warranty should help but with no track record time will tell. Not trying to make the case for one vs the other just suggesting it becomes worth consideration.
Oh definitely. Depreciation is a huge issue on any new car. What the warranty does, though, is make it a much more attractive long term proposition, so the depreciation is amortized over a longer period. Then there's also the question of the long term value of an aging 720, and whether the arrival of the Artura will affect that, which I strongly suspect it will.
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