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Mclaren Lease terms

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Leasing on the Artura has a residual of 77% for 24mo and 71% for 36mo. That is pretty amazing. I don't have money factor details yet but if anyone knows please let
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This thread makes me sad… A lease payment on an Artura is more than my mortgage. I picked the wrong profession!
if you can get the loan amount under $200k, you can qualify for a traditional auto loan with a bank or credit union. That does require a hefty down payment. Otherwise you’re looking at speciality lenders like Woodside who charge crazy interest rates as well. If you’re there, you’re pushing the affordability imho (everybody has their own risk tolerance and circumstances). I’d recommend a SBLOC instead of a 7+% interest rate … A bunch of members here have used Woodside, and I feel like they succeeded to keep monthly payments low(er) at the cost of building up asset equity. Basically it’s a lease by a different name.

Normal people auto finance system isn’t really well suited to cars costing a midwestern house.
Woodside is currently still at 6%, which isn’t much more than other lenders, even with excellent credit.
Where are you getting the prices from? I couldn't see any when I did the configurator.
If I was gonna spec one it would be almost $317k…
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Lol. I'm betting you'd settle for one at $237k though!
Ha! I can’t even swing a $120k used 12C so does it matter?
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As we all know, tax laws in the US were written for the wealthy to stay wealthy really. An $18k/month lease payment on a Senna that gets written off at tax time is laughable unless it is used for a race/HPDE school.
I’m sure… When I was living outside the US tax laws didn’t matter to me because I was young.
No they just didn't apply to you! If you are an heir then they do. The I.R.S. thinks you are Y.I.S. young irresponsible & stupid.Then you go & do the really stupid things. Get a good job, settle down, buy a 4 door car and property. The IRS is like a shark smelling blood for the first time!
Definitely not an heir to anything, lol… I was under working age when living outside the US, so they didn’t matter to me.
@aorta I’m a union plumber and pipe welder, not an electrician. I make a good living, enough to where my wife and kids want for nothing and I am able to completely support my elderly mother. Will I ever be a millionaire? No probably not. Will I ever own a McLaren? At this point it seems the answer is no probably not as well. I do not begrudge the rich at all, and I understand all about choices and how they affect lives. I made my choices, and now I have to live with them and I do the best I can every day for those I love.

However, I’m not gonna get into another political argument here because the last one was bad enough, but if you really think that the poor are the tax burden you are delusional, and that is all I’m gonna say about that. I have neither the time nor the desire to debate this with you.

Edit: reading into your post a little more, it seems that you feel I specifically am either gaming the tax system, or accusing it of holding me back personally (your liberal use of the term “you” indicating me personally since it was my post you quoted) when I never said anything of the sort, and I paid a shitload of taxes not just last year, but every year prior. So if you have something personal to say to me, or accuse me of, take it to a private message so we don’t clutter this thread any further.
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