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Mclaren Lease terms

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Leasing on the Artura has a residual of 77% for 24mo and 71% for 36mo. That is pretty amazing. I don't have money factor details yet but if anyone knows please let
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these residuals will change month to month, and those are great numbers right now (if you have your Artura incoming soon) but who knows what will happen down the road in a few months.
I asked about a lease. Yes the residuals are great but the MF is outrageous at .003. That's about 7.2%,

I asked about a lease 285k car for 36 months with 5k miles per year. With NYC taxes it came out to $3,950 a month with 14k in taxes up front.

Also be aware Mclaren has a MRM like Porsches. Anything over $272k you are paying dollar for dollar on a lease.Hard to keep a build around that figure.

is that MRM 272 based off of just Artura, or all Mac's in general?
MRM is the maximum value, including options, for calculating the residual?

MRM does not include options.
Oh definitely. Depreciation is a huge issue on any new car. What the warranty does, though, is make it a much more attractive long term proposition, so the depreciation is amortized over a longer period. Then there's also the question of the long term value of an aging 720, and whether the arrival of the Artura will affect that, which I strongly suspect it will.

why? Artura and 720 are not compareable..
Dealer has a vehicle coming ~$251K. Calculated the numbers on leasehackr and the lease payment here would be around $3400/month. This is a leasehackr score of 6.6 years. (71%RV, 0.003 MF)

First time exotic buyer here. I am pretty new to this and have never owned or sold an exotic. I am a pretty lazy person and I have always leased my vehicles in the past. Had an i8 leased for a fantastic leasehackr score of 12 years before this. Would like to get your guys professional opinion if a score of 6.6 years is worth pursuing.

3400PM on a vehicle that is 251.. no go. Purchase it..

how much are they asking for down? if it's a true 0 down (inceptions only up front) not bad.. but i'm sure they want at least 15-20k down in CCR
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They haven't given me any figures. Just MSRP, residual, and MF. Here is my calculation. I left all CCR as zero

ask how much down they want, i'm curious.
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There's no accountability in this country. It's always someone eles'e fault why things didn't go their way..
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lol over 4k a month for a car. that's been bought down to 250.. LOL

Sounds like an awful dealer too, marking up the MF that high. Find a new one..
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interest rates have tripled. I get $4100 a month for a 72 month traditional loan at 6% with $25k down. The problem for the lease is paying that and getting no equity. Stupid.

The MF is controlled by the dealer, they surely have a markup on that at 11%... No lease interest is that high, naturally.
I'm seeing "lease specials" coming back now...

they aren't fantastic, but at least they are back.
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