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McLaren-Honda for 2014?

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There are rumors circulating that McLaren has approached Honda for F1 engines for the 2014 and onwards F1 seasons. Since Mercedes have their own team now, I would understand McLaren's reticence in signing with them again; and Renault and Ferrari are obviously out of the question.

Now I'm not sure if Honda will even be competitive for 2014. I'm sure Renault/Mercedes/Ferrari have already commenced work on the 2014 units. If these rumors are true, would it hearken back to McLaren's glory days of the 80's, or more akin to Honda's recent performance and ignominious departure from F1?
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It's a truly significant step for both companies, if that is the case.

But if I remember correctly, Honda no longer has an F1 division in the UK (they sold it off to Ross Brawn). Would it be feasible to work between the UK and Japan? At least with Mercedes, they were still located in the UK, so location wasn't a problem.
If needed, Honda has enough time to re-establish itself in the UK.
Tall order given that McLaren has zero experience in building engines. Much more cost effective to work with another manufacturer.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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