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McLaren Group C 1982

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Good morning!

Only few people, even in Europe or Germany, have ever heard about a McLaren Group C.
The car was built and raced by a well seasoned german who also raced Can-Am/Interseries from 1974 until recently.

The Group C, often referred to as "C8" was built in 1982 in Mainz on a new Trojan chassis. It's model name, as per vehicle pass is "Chevrolet McLaren C"
There are a few sites on the web who list the races it had participated in. It didn't score too much agaist the 962s, but it was fun. The wiki site is fairly accurate.

The car will be rebuilt this year with a 496 cui Chevrolet, as it was in the days. Most likely with an all ally engine and Kinsler or McKay fuel injection.

I searched this forum if I hadn't posted about this car earlier, and apologise if I created a double post. Attached are the oldest pics of the car, followed by a few later ones.

If I had the funds I would buy it and push for road registration and 450 kph on the German highway. What a blast! :)

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Race car Sports car
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Really interesting - thank you for your post.
Is it called a "Chevrolet McLaren C" because of Trojan's long-term outsourcing relationship with McLaren, or did McLaren actually design the chassis? Do you know if the chassis design was unique to this car or if it was an adaptation of an existing chassis designed for another formula?
Good day!

It is an adaption of a M8F monocoque design.
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Okay, that makes sense. They could have used some help designing the bodywork! ;)
:D It's a Lotec body. The builder and Lotterschmidt know each other from years ago.There was a sister car, same body different chassis and BMW M1 motor.

You use what's laying around :geek:
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