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McLaren Caliper Rebuild Kits.

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McLaren caliper rebuilt kit is now available for ordering & shipping (Piston in mid Dec.)

Join thousands of other car enthusiasts (street and track) to improve OE (Brembo or AP) calipers' performance and durability by replacing the OE components to RB.

Unlike what you have learned, RB's high temperature (blue) boots "never" got burnt out. They can safe guard and protect your inner piston & oil seal from heat and foreign debris and preserve not only the calipers' original functionality but prolong the service life itself and other associated components (pad, rotor).

RB's HT dust boots is an icon in the performance brake industry to have changed the conventional wisdom/advice of "don't bother" installing a dust boot for race cars, because they got burnt/worn out quickly.

It's our pleasure to make the performance industry most trusted caliper rebuilt kits available for non-metric piston (AP / McLaren) calipers. Better yet we have a very user friendly ordering system, simply identifying your calipers and click the red links will get you to the components options (No VIN, Year, Models or Kit# are needed):

BS = Boots* and Seals kit
BSP = Boots, Seal, Pistons kit (Save 10% on bundle vs. purchase separately)
P = Pistons

*Only high temperature boots are made available, and due to the nature of boot material (Silicon) when installing must make sure "No Contact" with brake fluids and/or brake grease.

Fitment is certified, performance improvement and durability are fully guaranteed.
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570S front 6 pot caliper with original components:
(RB P/N: MC-61, piston size: 27.0/31.8/38.1mm)

Replacing with RB vented SS chrome plated pistons and high temperature (blue boots)
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Why rebuild OE calipers with RB components (piston):

Left OE / Right RB (OE 31.8x30.1mm vs. RB 32x30mm) Made with same material of Stainless Steel.

  • RB Piston are vented for quick piston engagement and release.
  • RB pistons are mirror finished w/chrome plating on surface to assure the smooth movement and lasting durability.
  • RB pistons feature thin wall cut - Very light weight (2/3 of OE) for a more effective functionality.

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Thanks for posting actual weights. I must say that I find the OEM calipers quite shocking in that regard. You look at racing calipers in the same disc sizes and they are all nice, spidery shapes with every bit of unnecessary weight taken out - while OEM calipers look like bricks. 4.42kg vs ~2.5kg for a top racing caliper (also from AP!). And that's about the same for any manufacturer, Mclaren, Porsche, Ferrari, whoever. Of course you would expect the road caliper to be a bit heavier because it needs to last longer and be more resistant to weather, etc, but the difference is too much!
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Just a note to those who might need these components "yesterday", the pistons are yet to be finished with a 2-3 weeks leadtime, although any order to have include pistons before arrival will be shipped as soon as they become available.

When you receive those pistons you shall appreciate why they need extra time to produce especially on the last steps in lapping finish and chrome plating on the piston barrel which is beyond what a picture can describe, and may agree that the wait is worthwhile.
McLaren (all models) caliper rebuild components are in stock for immediate shipment.
Easy, no mistake ordering system (No VIN# is required)

1. Look into the caliper model matrix.​
Automotive lighting Hood Product Motor vehicle Vehicle
2. Identify your calipers.​
3. Click the red links above the picture.​
4. Choose the kit you want, or purchase an individual component.
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