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THESE GUYS ARE WONDERFUL!! I bought my 12C and SLR Mclaren from them. I have sent them friends of mine who have also had similar experiences in buying exotic cars there. Brandon, Carson, Ed, and Bill are all top notch folks. The dealer is above and beyond the norm. They participate in local car shows, monthly and quarterly cruises.....heck they even got us a private premier to the Skyfall movie as they are an Aston Dealer!

A quick funny story of my first experience with Motorcars of GA.......the first time I went to Motorcars of GA my son and I were actually going to purchase a ZR-1 that same day from a local Chevrolet Dealer who had 11 leftover 2010 models in inventory. We arrive at the chevy store ready to buy, I'm wearing a ratty T-shirt and shorts with some old sneakers and my kid is not looking much better. The chevy guys wouldn't even let us sit in a ZR-1. My son suggested we go over to Lambo (motorcars of GA) as I was hot to buy something that day. We show up at MCOG and there sat a Black SLR Mclaren....I had been wanting one for a while. At first, no one would come and talk with us, the place is like a toy store and gets so many weekend tire kickers and photo opportunists. After a few minutes I walked over to Brandon and Carson (didn't know them at the time) and made them a buy it now offer which got their attention. After a few minutes of haggling we bought the car and a great relationship began. If those Chevy guys only

They also do alot of consignment and "other brand" exotics through used inventory. If you want to test drive a SLS, Aventador, Bentley, or other stuff that the local OEM dealer keeps behind ropes, go see the guys there at Motorcars.

Feel free to PM or call me if you have any questions.
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