Hey guys, decided to sell my 2018 McLaren 720S with extended warranty through McLaren until 10/22. Car has been an absolute blast to drive. I have never had any issues with it, always serviced through McLaren not third parties. Car is super tight and no creaks or rattles. I have the car posted on Ebay, Facebook marketplace and several exotic car groups and have gotten several wholesalers/dealers offer me $260k for the car. I figure I try to sell myself and try to get as close to my asking price as possible. One individual had Sean from McMedics come out to inspect the car. The only issues he found were that the tires were original from 2018 and 2-3 areas of PPF had bubbles or wrinkles from age. Besides doing a visual inspection, he also ran diagnostics on the car and test drove it. Everything is in excellent condition. That buyer did not ultimately buy my car because he decided to go with a Huracan instead (not sure why).

Car is 90% wrapped in PPF.

Currently has 9500 miles.

Performance Series
Carbon Fiber Brakes/Rotors
Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrade
Carbon Fiber Interior Upgrade
Carbon Fiber McLaren Sills
Elite Paint (Azores)
Exterior Door Upper Gorilla Glass
Sports Exhaust
Stealth Pack
Electric & Heated Memory Seats
Visible Carbon Fiber Monocage II
10 Super Lightweight Forged Wheels
Special Color Calipers (Azores)
Mclaren Track Telemetry (App)
Vehicle Lift
Luggage Retention Strap
Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
McLaren Trickle Charger

Link to Ebay listing:

Here is the Ebay listing, fastest way to contact me is probably through eBay messages.