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McLaren 720S OEM Carbon Fiber Door Sills

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McLaren 720S OEM Carbon Fiber Door Sills
$1600 plus FedEx ground shipping costs.
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Was going to install on my 570S but I am trying to buy a 620R and sell the 570S. No reason to install if not keeping the 570S.
The parts will also fit a 570S and 600LT with carpeted sills if you trim the carpet.
Used. 3M Dual Lock fasteners included that need to be attached to the carbon fiber tub are included. You trim the OEM carpet and secure the fasteners to the carbon fiber tub. If you have the OEM leather sill covers you can replace them with the Carbon Fiber version without trimming the carpet. Not aware of OEM Rubber sill covers.
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fit a 675lt?
I don't think so. The CF tub is different. 570, 600, and 720 use the same CF tub.
Yes they fit 570 tub. Same width. You need to remove the carpet for fitment.
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